Capacity’s Fearless Adventure

Date Established: August 4, 2023

Capacity’s Fearless Adventure. Riding against Violence for

On September 5th, 2023 Eric Egeland, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Middletown-based Capacity Marketing, will be departing the Newburgh parking lot to embark on a 24-day solo motorbike journey to the west coast and back. “This bike tour is a bucket list item for me, but I want my trip to do some good at the same time,” Eric said. “My ride across North America will raise money for an organization that has the power to directly and immediately transform lives. There are many adult and child victims of abuse in acute danger right now in the Hudson Valley. Fearless! is an organization that mobilizes resources to bring families and individuals at risk out the other side, building new and prosperous lives.”

Eric’s first half of the journey will be traveling north into Canada. He will be crossing through five Canadian provinces, including Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia before arriving back to the United States via Seattle, Washington. The return trip includes stops at Pikes Peak, Colorado and Oak, Kansas, at the geographic center of the United States. The entire round trip is estimated to be 7,488 miles, one mile for each person Fearless! has served.

“To ride across the country solo on a motorcycle is a little scary,” Eric said. “I am riding over 300 miles a day, sometimes through the middle of nowhere, so gas stops need to be preplanned, and I have to be prepared for any type of weather, breakdowns, injuries, you name it. The risks I am taking are nothing compared to the risks faced by the victims Fearless! helps. I hope that fact will inspire people following my bike journey to dig deep to meet my $10,000 fundraising goal.”

The planning leading up to the journey and the journey itself will be shared on Capacity Marketing’s Facebook page, via on board video, photos, and nightly “check in” videos from Eric.