Scholarship Spotlight: Edward R. and J. Roscoe Crist Scholarship

Edward R. Crist, Jean Crist Shutt and J. Roscoe Crist
Edward R. Crist, Jean Crist Schutt and J. Roscoe Crist

Ancestors of Sarah Wells, the Crist Family first came to Berea Road in Walden to farm in 1883. Third generation brothers, Edward and Roscoe began working on the farm with their father, James Day Crist, and building the apple orchard and packing facility into a strong wholesale supplier of apples under the name of Crist Bros. Orchards. This scholarship is in memory of their life long efforts to cultivate sustainable agriculture, supply food to people of the world along with their dedication to family and service to community.

“Our family is excited to work with the Community Foundation in order to be able to provide scholarships to students graduating from Valley Central High School who are pursuing a degree in the field of agriculture.  This fund named in memory of the original Crist brothers is a very satisfying way to keep memories of times on the farm and in the community alive” says Jeff Crist, fund representative and owner of Crist Brothers Orchards.

J. Roscoe Crist
J. Roscoe Crist

Each year, at least one high school student attending Valley Central High School and pursuing a career in the field of agriculture while demonstrating an appreciation for the contribution that agriculture has made to society will be awarded this scholarship to help support their higher education.

Applications are due on April 1, 2015. Click here to download an application!