Bridging the gaps in multi-generational family philanthropy (continued)

In addition to understanding the needs of the community, the nonprofits and programs that are addressing those needs, and the ins and outs of the tax vehicles best suited for your clients to help meet those needs, our team is also deeply experienced in facilitating productive dialogue among people who bring valuable, diverse viewpoints to the table.

As a secure, convenient, and trusted partner to help a family invest wealth in charitable causes, the community foundation can help you work with your philanthropic clients in a variety of ways:

–The community foundation team focuses on listening to understand the cross-generational and intra-generational values of a family. 

–We ask a lot of questions about what causes matter to your clients and the origins of those preferences, both historically and now. 

–When possible, we pair community foundation staff with family members to align according to personality and generation to foster more intimate, empathetic, and meaningful discussions. 

–Our team seeks to understand a family’s values, and then we research and suggest potential grantee organizations or causes if the family is seeking input. We can also deeply research organizations that the family is already supporting. 

–The community foundation offers to educate the various generations about the tactical opportunities including donor-advised funds, field-of-interest funds, unrestricted funds, designated funds, and anonymous giving, among others. 

–Our team is happy to develop options for multi-cause allocations that peacefully meet the needs of all involved.

–For geographically dispersed generations, our team offers to meet at agreeable intervals, even digitally, to understand a family’s current and changing views. 

We are here for you and the philanthropic families you serve. As the needs, capabilities and opinions around wealth expand, the community foundation can be a facilitator of conversations, connection, and contributions among well-intended but independently-minded families and help you carry out your professional responsibilities.