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Orange and Sullivan COVID-19 Response Fund

The Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan is launching the CFOS COVID-19 Response Fund to address immediate and longer-term needs of residents in Orange and Sullivan counties.

This fund will issue grants to established nonprofit organizations that provide front-line services to our most vulnerable populations – food for our neediest families and essentials, such as prescription drug deliveries to homebound senior citizens and people with compromised immune systems. The impacts of the novel coronavirus are uncertain and continue to mount.  The COVID-19 Response Fund will be a funding resource for those in need.

Through consultation with our community partners, we are gathering information about how to effectively provide immediate support, with the understanding that the impacts may be long-lasting and recovery for many will be a difficult process.        

We are grateful for our initial funding partners including the Kaplan Family Private Foundations, Rowley Family Foundation, Ralph E. Ogden Foundation, Frommer & Spagnoli Families, Barbara Martinsons, RJ Smith & Family and Dominic & Amy Cordisco for committing quickly and contributing generously so that we can respond without delay. For those that are able, we hope that you, too, will donate today to help our neighbors in need. 100% of your donation will stay here in Orange and Sullivan counties.

Thank you for your spirit of generosity and commitment to help others in this time of heightened need and uncertainty. We are honored to provide our generous community members with a way to help their neighbors through this health crisis.

Apply for a grant from the CFOS COVID-19 Response Fund

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