Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked questions and preparation tips will guide your scholarship process.

Q: When is the scholarship application deadline?
A: The deadline is April 14th, unless otherwise stated on the application.

Q: What is the Scholarship Common Application?
A: The Scholarship Common Application was built to match you with all scholarships that you are paired with as you complete it. Once you complete the base application, it will notify you of any scholarships that you have been matched with. It will submit your application for scholarships that do not have additional questions and prompt you to complete supplemental questions for scholarships that require it. In this process, it is important to read carefully and complete the application as accurately as possible, each question and check box is linked to a potential match!

Q: Why is it important for me to review scholarship criteria?
A: Although our Scholarship Common Application will accurately match you with scholarships based on your application, it is important to double check that this is accurate. If you have been matched with a scholarship you are not eligible for or are not matched with a scholarship that you should be eligible for, we can review your application and correct this. You can also check with your guidance office before applying to see what scholarships you are eligible for.

Q: I don’t have access to a scanner to upload additional documents. What do I do?
A: First, reach out to your school and local library to see if they will help you access to a scanner. If this does not work, we do accept pictures of documents as long as they are legible. If you take a picture, it is important to take the picture on a flat surface (on a table, desk, floor etc. rather than on your lap, held in your hand, etc.) and that you review this picture before submitting. If you cannot take a picture that is legible, please reach out to the Community Foundation.

Q: How do I upload my letter of recommendation(s)?
A: For applications that require a letter of recommendation, the portal allows applicants to send a “third party” an email invitation to upload required application materials. Instructions for third party emails are as follows:

  1. Enter the email address of the person who will submit e a letter of recommendation on your behalf (double check you have spelled it correctly).
  2. Click “Compose Email” to send them a personal email requesting a letter of recommendation. There is sample email included in the email that you are encouraged to use.
  3. Each email sent will allow the recipient to upload a single attachment. The link to upload a letter of recommendation will be at the BOTTOM of the email sent from the system.
  4. Although these documents are not available for the student to view, you can see if your recommender has uploaded the letter. Your dashboard will have this information visible. It is encouraged to keep track of this and remind your recommender if necessary.
    If you have already been provided with a letter of recommendation, enter your own email address, and follow the upload instructions provided in the email that is sent.

Q: How will I be notified if I am awarded a scholarship?
A: Upon submitting your application, you will receive an email confirmation. Most scholarship announcements are based on your school’s award/senior night or at graduation. By the end of June, most scholarships should be announced. Applicants that do not receive notification were not selected for awards.

Q: How do I receive my scholarship payment?
A: If you have been selected for a scholarship, you will be assigned a “follow up form” in the portal so that you can submit your tuition bill, student ID number, and the address of the school. Upon receiving this information, payments are mailed directly to the school’s financial aid office. You will receive a letter when the check is sent out, it is encouraged to follow up with financial aid to ensure that they have applied your scholarship to your account.