Hope’s Compass Fund is Established at the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan

The fund will support multi-day programs in Sullivan County that foster a sense of belonging and bridge communities

MONTGOMERY, NY (November 13, 2023) – The Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan (CFOS) is pleased to announce the addition of Hope’s Compass Fund to its family of funds.

The fund established by Hope Blecher Croney will support multi-day programs in Sullivan County for the youngest to the most seasoned. The programs will aim to contribute to the attendee’s personal growth, professional growth, and civic engagement. 

Blecher Croney hopes that through this time together, participants will get to know each other as people and that this shared experience will foster a sense of belonging and bridge communities. 

“I established Hope’s Compass Fund at the Community Foundation to be of service to the community through weaving together facets of my career as a teacher, administrator, and author with my interests as an artist and volunteer,” said Blecher Croney. “I want people to have various opportunities where they have the space to explore and express themselves while being part of a community.”

According to Blecher Croney, the fund will focus on themes that evolved from the first annual Dove-Daffodil-Dash project including hope, sanctuary, compassion, and community. 

She already has plans for two events in the coming months. This spring, The Liberty Museum and Arts Center will host an exhibit of the artwork participants created during the first annual Dove-Daffodil-Dash project.

In September of next year, there will be two project weekends at the Sullivan County Historical County Museum.

CFOS President and CEO Elizabeth Rowley said Hope’s Compass Fund will support meaningful programs that will boost residents throughout Sullivan County.

“We’re excited to partner with this forward-thinking fund that will support innovative programs to benefit area residents young and old from all walks of life,” said Rowley. “We encourage community members to make a donation big or small to support this exciting initiative!”

For more information, or to donate, visit cfosny.org/our-funds/project-funds/hopes-compass-fund/.

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