Miles of Hope Announces New Fund at Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan

The Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation has announced the formation of an agency endowment fund at the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan (CFOS).

“We have been giving away money to support individuals and organizations affected by breast cancer in Orange and Sullivan counties since the inception of Miles of Hope in 2004,” explained Executive Director Pari Forood. “It makes sense for the donations helping people in those counties to come from our fund at the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan.” (

“To date, Miles of Hope has donated over $500,000 to individuals in treatment for breast cancer and organizations helping people with breast cancer in Orange and Sullivan counties. We work closely with breast centers, social service agencies, hospitals, doctor’s offices and treatment centers to identify anyone with breast cancer who may need financial help with their bills or insurance copays, transportation to and from treatment, or any expense including basics like food and gas,” Ms. Forood added. “This current funding model is more efficient and ties us directly to the people and organizations which need us in these two counties.”

According to CFOS, an agency endowment, which grows through gifts from generous donors and investment income, is a permanent pool of charitable dollars whose earnings benefit a specific organization. Only a portion of the earnings are spent for purposes determined by the nonprofit’s board.

“Our Board of Directors at Miles of Hope will direct any donations from this agency endowment fund. Our hope is that philanthropic individuals and foundations who want to help people in treatment for breast cancer, their caregivers and families, and support women’s health in general, will augment the Miles of Hope fund allowing us to target and donate even more resources to the people of Orange and Sullivan counties,” Ms. Forood said.

Nicole Feller Lee, Director of Development and Communications at CFOS, expressed her pleasure at the formation of a Miles of Hope fund. “We are excited and gratified to welcome Miles of Hope to CFOS. They are an example of what nonprofits in our area should be – generous, and mission-driven with a measurable impact beneficially affecting thousands of lives for 18 years.” (