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The Siegel Family Music and Arts Endowment Fund

Date Established: September 12, 2016

MISSION ONE GIG AT A TIME – Supporting Music and the Arts during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

Due to the NYS ‘Stay at Home’ requirements most businesses have had to cease operations and that has included businesses associated with music and the arts.  As a result all local musicians and artists have had limited opportunity to participate in performances where they were paid or compensated causing an economic crisis for those individuals during the Covid-19 pandemic. There are a number of musicians and artists who do not have the funds to pay their rent, buy their food/meals or provide for their basic needs. 

The Siegel Family Music and Arts Endowment Fund has created MISSION ONE GIG AT A TIME  to support local musicians, artists and venues by providing funds to compensate them for their live stream performances and commissioned works.  This not only allows the musicians and artists that are performing a chance to share their gift but also it provides the masses of people who are confined to their homes to have an avenue to be entertained and enjoy the performances of these musicians. Through Mission: One Gig At A Time, The Siegel Fund will be sponsoring 2-6 live stream performances per week through September 1st, 2020.  Information for all events will be posted on the Siegel Family Music and Arts Endowment Fund Facebook Page  


The Siegel Family Music and Arts Endowment Fund was created by the Siegel family to continue the love and support that Lee and Marge Siegel had for the arts in perpetuity. The Fund at CFOS provides grants to charitable and educational programs that are committed to the promotion and sustainability of music and the arts. Our mission is to support musicians and artists as well as music venues to help promote live and streamed music performances.  In addition the Fund provides educational workshops and student scholarships for students majoring or minoring in music or the arts

Lee and Marge Siegel were huge lovers and supporters of music and the arts. They attended nearly every school concert in their community for most of their lives as well as Shandalee Musical Festival Concerts, Sullivan County Symphonic Band Concerts, live performances and art openings throughout the region whenever possible.  Lee was an avid musician and played in the Callicoon Center Band for many years. Marge was a classically trained pianist.   They loved to see great aspiring musicians in quality performances.