STEAM (Siegel Trust Enriching Music & Arts) Fund

STEAM FUND (Siegel Trust Enriching Arts & Music) at CFOS, (formerly The Siegel Family Music & Arts Endowment Fund at CFOS), mission is to support musicians, artists and venues through STEAM’s MOGAAT (Mission One Gig At A Time) initiative, provide educational opportunities in music & the arts for public school children, and to award scholarships for graduating seniors. 

In Spring, 2021, STEAM FUND at CFOS launched the world premier of the JOHN LENNON® REAL LOVE PROJECT for the students at Livingston Manor Central School,  a visionary music and songwriting program that uses John Lennon’s songs and timeless message of peace, love, and gender/racial equality to inspire creative expression, kindness and positive social action.  STEAM brought this program to children at Liberty Middle School in the Fall 2021 

Most recently STEAM FUND at CFOS launched the world premier of “ALIVE AGAIN” featuring Theresa Sareo for public school children in Livingston Manor and Roscoe,  This impactful program provides students the space to express their own ideas regarding compassion, empathy, kindness, respect and their aspirations in life in reference to disabilities and acceptance. STEAM FUND is a proud sponsor of the BOLD GOLD and HPAC Sullivan County Music Festivals, Shandelee Music Festival, Weekend of Chamber Music and more.  

STEAM FUND will be bringing the JOHN LENNON® REAL LOVE PROJECT to the children at Tri-Valley and Roscoe Central Schools in June, 2022 and Theresa Sareo’s “ALIVE AGAIN” Program to a number of Sullivan County Schools in the Fall, 2022 and Spring 2023.   

In order to provide these amazing musical, artistic and educational experiences, we are asking for your support!  Please consider donating today!

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