Centennial Farms Foundation Inc.


      Centennial Farms Foundation Inc.’s vision is to save a nation of fundamental farmers.

            Our mission is to support century farm owners facing hardship by providing debt fulfillment grants and property tax aid. Additional services will include emotional support, financial planning and business strategy.

Core Values

            Family – Having grown up a fourth generation farmer myself and understanding the need for community support, here at C.F.F. we treat all of our members as if they were a part of our own extended family.

            Security – We strive to ensure that farm families who have endured for 100+ years are provided certainty that all of their efforts have paid off for generations to follow.

            Teamwork – In order to create a diverse team of rich expertise, we will collaborate with other non-profit foundations to provide all of the support services necessary to aid century farm owners in recovering from hardship and restoring sustainability.

            Encouragement – Our promise is to give confidence to farmers of an ailing industry through public support, recognition, and revitalization.

            Relationship – We dedicate our support to commendable farmers in need, making connections that will last a lifetime.

            Appreciation – C.F.F. aims to recognize the persistent efforts of struggling farmers and apprise the nation of the need to give back.

            It is Centennial Farms Foundation Inc.’s goal by year 2031 to have raised and allocated millions of dollars to century farm owners; re-establishing and re-enforcing the strength of small farms in their communities. With persistent campaigning and united support, Centennial Farms Foundation Inc. can attain its goal; bettering economic sustainability and the future for those that farmed it.

For more information visit our website linked here.

Centennial Farms Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)3 and was created in memory of Kristin M. Kemmerer.