The Moreh Fund

The Moreh* Fund: Framing History through the lens of photography and fine art.

The Moreh Fund will raise money for and accept charitable contributions to support Hudson Valley art exhibits that raise awareness of social injustice, racism and Anti-Semitism.

Our Mission Statement:

Enlightening students and communities on issues concerning social injustice, racism and Anti-Semitism through touring Art exhibits. To that end, our exhibits will range in execution and subject, always keeping to the idea of learning current events through the lens of History.

First exhibit


A re-creation of the night before the great tragedy; the story of a Jewish woman sharing a dance and champagne with a young Nazi officer.

Save the date for an Art Exhibition and Panel in May featuring WWII-inspired series by Professor Dean Goldberg. Made possible by the Moreh Fund. 

  • Reception Sunday 5/22 2 PM at Kol Yisrael 
  • Panel and Exhibition Thursday 5/26 at 6 PM at Kol Yisrael 

Dean Goldberg’s “Kristallnacht” photo exhibit looks at the sins of the past in his “Framing History” series.

Dean Goldberg
Erica Hauser/as the Jewish woman

Dean Goldberg’s art installation, “Kristallnacht,” is the first in a series of historical photo-narratives; true events that reflect the myriad portrayals of human injustice and hate. Opening on Sunday, May 22nd at Kol Yisrael in Newburgh, NY. “Kristallnacht,” tells the story of two lovers who grew up together in a little village outside of Munich and are now forced by history to go their separate ways —one to kill and the other to be killed.

More information coming soon!

*  pronounced Mor-rey