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5 Reasons Professional Advisors (And Their Clients) Like Us

  1. It’s all about you. Like your professional advisor, we want the best for you, period. We don’t represent a particular cause or chairty; we encourage philanthropy in our region and beyond for the causes you care about.
  2. We specialize in philanthropy. The laws – and opportunities – of charitable giving change daily. We are specialists your professional advisor can call on at any time for advice.
  3. We’re a great deal. You never pay a start-up fee. Our low management costs are assessed on charitable funds only after they are established and you have received your full charitable deduction.
  4. We’re a stable and trusted partner. Community Foundations are here for good, forever.
  5. We provide continuing oversight. Your charitable gift should have the same due diligence as any other investment you make. Your gift is placed into an endowment that is invested over time and the earnings are used to make grants to match your charitable interests.

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