Scholarship Spotlight: Sheila Birkett Gift of Life Scholarship

Joshua Glantz, a history teacher at Eldred High School, became ill in 2011 and needed a kidney transplant. Unfortunately, his wife and best friend were not a match. Luckily, he was able to find a donor: Sheila Birkett.

When Joshua was young, he worked for the Birkett family at their business, Variety Clocks. He lost touch with them later in life which is why this gift is so special. Thankful for Sheila Birkett’s “gift,” Joshua started to look for a way to celebrate his new lease on life. “In my medical distress, I met many excellent and caring medical professionals. I would like to honor Sheila’s gift that has allowed me to keep teaching and working with students, by establishing this scholarship fund to help students interested in pursuing a medical career,” says fund representative Joshua Glantz.

The Sheila Birkett Gift of Life Scholarship Fund will provide scholarships to graduating seniors from Eldred High School who plan to enter the medical field.

Christian D'Angelo Photo
Christian D’Angelo



Christian D’Angelo, 2014 recipient of the Sheila Birkett Gift of Life Scholarship, is currently attending SUNY Geneseo and hopes to one day become a surgeon.

To apply for the Sheila Birkett Gift of Life Scholarship, visit your guidance counselor at Eldred High School or click here to download the application.