The Brittany Miller Foundation Joins the Community Foundation Family of Funds

By becoming a component fund, the organization will extend its reach and create a legacy of giving

MONTGOMERY, NY (November 7, 2023) – For more than two decades, The Brittany Miller Foundation has been a steadfast source of hope and support for families confronted with the formidable challenge of childhood cancer. Earlier this year, the private foundation made a strategic decision to transition into a component fund of the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan (CFOS).

The Brittany Miller Foundation Fund will continue to provide vital financial assistance to families in Orange, Sullivan, Ulster, Dutchess, and Pike Counties, whose children require extended cancer treatment.

Families who fit this criterion are encouraged to apply for funding through the Community Foundation website at

At the core of this remarkable organization is the enduring memory of Brittany Miller, a spirited young girl from Middletown, New York, who valiantly battled brain cancer. Brittany’s seventh birthday on July 31, 1996, marked both the culmination of her struggle and the inception of the foundation inspired by her courage.

The transition this year to operating under the umbrella of CFOS signified not only a change in administrative structure but also opened doors to numerous benefits that would enable the foundation to extend its reach to more families in need, provide even more substantial financial assistance, and establish a legacy of compassion.

The advantages of partnering with the Community Foundation are multifaceted according to CFOS President and CEO Elizabeth Rowley.

“The Brittany Miller Foundation Fund gains access to an extensive network of supporters and resources,” said Rowley. “Furthermore, it can leverage the Community Foundation’s expertise in philanthropy to ensure that donations are efficiently channeled to the families who need them most.”

“Most importantly, this alliance strengthens The Brittany Miller Foundation’s unwavering commitment to its core mission,” said Dean Miller, Founder of the Brittany Miller Foundation. “Families confronting the hardships of childhood cancer will continue to receive crucial support, while administration by the Community Foundation guarantees perpetual assistance for these families.”

By transforming into a component fund of the Community Foundation, The Brittany Miller Foundation sets an exemplary precedent for other private foundations, emphasizing the positive impact of embracing change and recognizing the value of collaboration and community partnership.