Traskus O’Donnell McKeon (TOM) Foundation

Date Established: January 4, 2024

The Traskus, O’Donnell and McKeon (TOM) Family Foundation embodies devotion to family, commitment to community and passion for doing good works.

The TOM Family Foundation was created to honor three families connected by marriage, love and family values. All three families have a firm dedication to their community and provide opportunity to all those in need.

John and Margaret McKeon had a commitment to education and serving their neighbors. A New York City Police Officer and an Administrative Assistant at a homeless shelter respectively, they always found a way to provide help, offer support, give back and welcome all, even when their own resources were limited. They created a family whose children and grandchildren serve their communities with their volunteer work, advocacy, time and resources. 

The TOM Family Foundation will provide financial assistance to those throughout our communities with an emergent need as well as 2 annual scholarships, one to a John S. Burke High School student and one to a Goshen High School student.