Valley Central Gymnastics Booster Club

Date Established: November 28, 2023

The Valley Central Varsity Gymnastics Team which came to fruition in the Fall of 2021 provides a safe and supportive environment for each one of its athletes. Our goal is to ensure that every athlete who enters our program will not only increase their physical strength but their mental strength as well. We celebrate one another’s personal milestones as well as build each other up. The older athletes serve as role models who strive to provide a positive environment for the younger athletes who so often want to emulate them. Mentors in and out of the gym, our older athletes teach by example the correct way to manage any situation that may arise. We practice hard and pride ourselves on displaying good sportsmanship while always remaining humble. Our love of gymnastics not only allows us to compete at a prestigious Varsity level but also instills a confidence in our athletes that they may have been lacking.

This fund will raise money as well as accept donations that will support the needs of the Valley Central Gymnasts. The funds will be used for senior night, snack bags for away meets, end of season coaches’ gifts and an end of season banquet where the athletes reflect on what they have learned and celebrate any progress that they have made. This fund will also supply anticipated future needs of the athletes which may consist of Section 9 champion ship apparel as well as states. We strongly believe that we are not only providing our athletes with an outlet for the love of the sport of Gymnastics but also the tools to one day conquer any obstacle that may come their way with not only strength but grace as well.