Equilibrium Brews New Beer in Memory of Former Employee

Proceeds from the sale of MCity Beer will benefit the Jose (Jason) Brizell Fund.

MONTGOMERY, NY (September 14, 2021) – Equilibrium Brewery is brewing a new beer to honor the memory of a former employee killed last March in a hiking accident at Minnewaska State Park. Jose (Jason) Brizell was just 24 years old.

MCity Beer goes on sale at noon on September 16. Equilibrium also ships beers directly to consumers in 11 states so online orders can be made at eqbrew.com. The label on MCity Beer features Brizell hiking and was a group effort from his coworkers and the Equilibrium team.

Proceeds will benefit the Jose (Jason) Brizell Fund. This fund was recently established at the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan by his parents Ron and Noreen and his friend Brittany to keep Brizell’s memory alive

Brizell was a proud employee of Equilibrium Brewery. He loved his friends, family, going to the gym, boxing/UFC, and getting a laugh out of anyone he could. 

The proceeds from this fund will fund classes for children under the age of 18 who are passionate about boxing/UFC. It will also fund eating disorder organizations in honor of a close family friend. Lastly, a portion will go to a Middletown High School senior applying to college. 

To donate directly to the Jose (Jason) Brizell Fund, visit https://cfosny.org/our-funds/donor-advised/jose-jason-brizell-fund/.