Friends of Orange County Youth Bureau Fund

Date Established: February 14, 2017

Join in the fun on our Facebook Pampered Chef party:

Building Futures from the Heart with Pampered Chef

September 18 – October 2

Including: showcased products, recipes, games (with prizes) and tips

Share the invitation to the party with all your Facebook friends (a link to the catalogue can be shared for those not on Facebook

Every order placed earns funds for CFOS Friends of the OCYB

Tips for having fun and helping us raise money to help Orange County youth:

  • Share the invitation on Facebook or text a link to anyone not on FB
  • Check in with the FB party often to see new posts – recipes, games, etc.

(P.S. There is a prize for the most participation!)

  • Start your holiday shopping early.  Pampered Chef makes perfect gifts for the holidays and will make all the cooking and baking easier and more fun!!!

Thank you for helping us to make this fundraiser a huge success!


The Friends of the Orange County Youth Bureau Fund was created to enhance existing and/or provide additional services that are not currently in the Youth Bureau’s operating budget. This fund will be utilized for special projects (i.e. youth scholarships, skill building opportunities for children, youth, young adults, and families).

Orange County Youth Bureau’s Mission: To promote positive youth development through County-wide integrated planning, funding, monitoring, coordinating and developing youth and family services programs for Orange County youth ages 0-21.

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Promoting Positive Youth Development since 1978!

Donations are fully tax-deductible charitable contributions and should be made payable to CFOS-Friends of the Orange County Youth Bureau Fund.