12 Months of Giving Fund

Date Established: April 18, 2017

CronArtUSA’s Expect A Bike (EAB) is a powerful public safety campaign rooted in Ryan Cronin’s iconic artwork and supported by innovative partnerships with communities around the nation. Driven by the belief that art is fundamental to the human experience and carries the power to effect positive change on a global scale, Expect-A Bike is one of CronArtUSA’s lead public art projects, and a true example of art in action. Our EAB lawn signs, emblazoned with Cronin’s original image, are underwritten by sponsors like you, which allows us to give them away for free, removing all barriers to access, and inviting everyone to be part of the initiative.

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EAB harnesses the transformative power of art to propel a nationwide public safety campaign rooted in building community partnerships and focusing on creating dialogue among cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians.

How It Began

In September 2016 cyclist Gabriela O’Shea was struck by a vehicle and suffered life-threatening injuries. The New Paltz community quickly gathered around Gabriela and her family and organized a fundraiser to aid in her recovery and to spark conversation between motorists and cyclists regarding bike safety. Artist Ryan Cronin offered to create a piece of art and sell it with a portion of the sale going directly to Gabriela and her family to aid in her recovery. ‘Expect A Bike Ahead’ (EAB) was born and the original was sold before the paint was dry to one of Cronin’s collectors.

The Evolution

Two years after Gabriela’s accident her father approached us to partner with him on a community-supported public safety campaign. The creation of EAB lawn signs were originally done in collaboration with the Pedestrian/Cyclist committee of New Paltz. In subsequent years, the campaign has been funded by grants received through the Governor’s Traffic and Safety Commission as well as sponsorships by local businesses. The partnerships enabled us to give the signs away for free, solidifying our core mission to remove all barriers to participation. Hundreds of lawn signs have been distributed since 2018. These signs can be seen along roadways throughout the county and are now a much-beloved part of the visual landscape, encouraging motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians to look out for one another. The EAB campaign is a unique opportunity for communities to combine resources to promote safety and encourage a more synergistic relationship between motorists and cyclists.

Be Part Of The Art

The power of the ‘Expect A Bike’ painting lies in the act of collaboration with the community and the social by-product more than in the physical work itself— in essence, the social interaction is the art and the impact of the project goes beyond the original piece. We didn’t set out to create a sign but this, like all of Ryan’s work is intended to provoke conversation and connection. We are very happy with the power of this piece to do just that. Central to Cronin’s art-based safety campaign is the ability to give the signs away at no cost by working with individuals, and businesses or securing grants to underwrite the cost of producing the signs.