TACA Community Robotics Fund

Date Established: January 6, 2022

This fund provides a vehicle for fundraising efforts of the Warwick Robotics Club and any robotics teams formed by the Club, including Team TACA (Total and Complete Amateurs). Those involved seek community philanthropic support for robotics and STEM skill building in Orange County.

We have expanded our Teams and now have First Lego League Teams, an Amazing First Tech Challenge team and a Rookie FRC team. We are also expanding our Technical and Coding Academics, by offering Technology, Ai & Coding and 3D printing Workshops.

Warwick Community Robotics Club does the following:
-provides a forum for youth to participate in robotics learning and competition.
-supports STEM learning and applied robotic skills for various age groups and abilities.
-seeks to expand access to STEM learning to youth across Orange County, including those from communities underrepresented in or without sufficient access to robotics clubs and similar STEM activities.
-supports student readiness for high-level academic and career skills needed in a growing digital and technical economy.
-seeks to create a lasting foundation and structure for county-wide youth access to STEM and robotics opportunities for ages 5-17.

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