TEDxGoshen Fund

Date Established: October 28, 2022

TEDxGoshen: Brick By Brick will host a evening of unforgettable speakers sharing their ideas with you and the world.

Every two years, Goshen comes together for TEDxGoshen, an evening celebrating the creativity, ingenuity, and diversity of our great town. The community gathers to hear compelling stories from a select group of neighbors who speak on topics such as innovation, community outreach and charity, overcoming personal struggles, and celebrations of successes. Speakers come from the worlds of business, arts, advocacy, and Goshen’s own high school students. What ties them all together is that they are stories worth sharing.

This year, TEDxGoshen will be even bigger and better, presenting “TEDxGoshen, Brick by Brick” on June 8 at Goshen High School. With an expected live audience of more than 400 and live digital streaming to the world, a broad range of community members will be speaking on topics that matter to all of us:
• The power of drive – beating cancer and building success
• Engaging our community’s girls and women in STEAM careers
• Making your own luck
• Building on Goshen hometown values to take an authentic path as an adult
• The challenges and triumphs of living with disabilities

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TEDxGoshen is a local, independently created TEDx organization in Goshen, New York. Its mission is to re-create the unique experience found at TED at the local level. At its core, the fundamental goal is to cultivate “ideas worth spreading.” Its aim is to provide a platform where voices in the community are empowered to speak to an authentic audience with a global impact.

Funds raised for TEDxGoshen will be used with three purposes in mind.  First, to cover the costs of hosting for a biennial event.  This includes but is not limited to marketing, advertising, videography, and photography.  Second, funds will be used to pay curators for their time coaching speakers. Finally, funds will be distributed in the form of scholarships to local Goshen High School graduates who have impacted their community in various ways.