The Ronnie Honigsbaum-Caplan-Bensley Fund

Date Established: June 4, 2014

The goal of the Ronnie Honigsbaum-Caplan-Bensley Fund is that students who are recipients of grants from this fund will help self-perpetuate the Fund by either striving to raise additional money for the Fund or by making their own donations to it once they have achieved their education and financial independence.

Students applying for the Ronnie Honigsbaum-Caplan-Bensley Fund scholarship must be a current full-time college student with a cumulative average of 3.6, a U.S. citizen or foreign born non U.S. citizen with intent on becoming U.S. citizen and plan to pursue full-time higher education.  In addition to this criteria, students must also be in need of emergency financial assistance and have exhausted all other avenues of financial assistance; exhibit the values and life skills necessary for productive citizenship, and show an ability to develop their potential for success in business, academia, government and/or any other category.