Date Established: April 12, 2022

The Alice Privitera Nursing Scholarship Fund is used to provide scholarship(s) to high school students graduating from Valley Central and pursuing a nursing degree.

The application for this scholarship is available through the Community Foundation’s online scholarship portal.

The Valley Central guidance department will choose the recipient of the scholarship on the basis of academic competency, display of diligence and commitment to achieving a nursing degree with preference given to a student with financial need.

Alice Privitera was born in Long Island and trained as a nurse during World War II. She enlisted in the Cadet Nursing Corp, but by the time she graduated in 1946, the war was over. She worked in the OR at Good Samaritan Hospital on Long Island until she was married and began having children. The family moved from Long Island to Walden in 1965. Once her youngest daughter was in elementary school, she returned to nursing and was one of the first nurses at the newly built Montgomery Nursing Home in the 1970’s. She retired to Florida in the early 1980’s but couldn’t stay away and took a job at a nursing home in Venice, Florida. Even after her husband passed in 2002 and she moved to a senior housing apartment in Montgomery, she could be found helping other residents in her apartment complex understand and accurately administer their medications.