The Timothy J. Sweitzer Memorial Fund

Date Established: June 4, 2014

Timothy J. Sweitzer Memorial FundThe goal of the Sweitzer Cup and the affiliate charity, Timothy J. Sweitzer Memorial Foundation, has always been two-fold: first and foremost our goal is to memorialize Tim, to ensure that his legacy, one of competitive spirit and camaraderie, of passion and compassion, of excellence both on and off the field, is eternalized.
Second, our goal has been to give back to the community that gave so much to us and to Tim. In the coming years, it is our vision to build a top flight soccer field and eventually an entire complex in the greater Hudson Valley bearing his name, where children of all backgrounds–racial, socioeconomic and educational–will be able to develop leadership and teamwork skills in effort to provide a breeding ground for the next generation of Tim Sweitzers.
We realize this is a lofty and long term goal—but this tournament has proven it has staying power. Our philanthropic mission has increased to envelop all of the participating communities and a special charitable cause that is close to each team’s heart. Each team has the autonomy to nominate whichever charity/causes they wish to support and play for. It is our belief that this is truly in the spirit of Tim, using the platform his legacy has created to help others who are in need.
We are humbled by the continued support for this venture. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.