Clarkstown Senior HS South Alumni Memorial Fund

Date Established: October 19, 2017

Created by the Clarkstown High School South Class of 1987 to honor the memories of their departed classmates: Rob Affronti, Bridie Aguayo, Ioanna Burgos, Stacey Burkowsky, Scott Burton, Peter Costalas, Joe Farese, Mark Femiano, Tommy Foley, Scott Friedman, Patricia Heidelberger, Caroline Jimenez, Chrissy Meore, Jennifer Saccardo, Oren Warter,  and Steve Whitfield, this fund will distribute a scholarships to a graduate of Clarkstown High School South.

Open to all who wish to donate in memory of an alumnus of the school, the CHSS Alumni Memorial Fund exists as a place to remember those classmates lost by helping those just starting their journey through a yearly scholarship to a Clarkstown South graduating senior.

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